The Warehouse supports Plunket’s Seen & Safe programme

Add A Dollar

The Warehouse supports Plunket’s Seen & Safe programme in Otago and Southland by raising funds for helmets and hi-vis vests as well as raising awareness of the programme.

The Add a $ campaign ran during December and focused mainly on asking for a $1 donation from customers at the checkout.  Additionally there were other activities that raised the profile of both The Warehouse and Plunket including Sausage Sizzles, parcel wrapping and poster displays. The total raised was $37,608, a massive effort and well over the $20,000 target. 

In the period 1st July 2015 – 31st December 2015 we issued 869 cycle helmet and hi-vis vest packs to children in the Otago and Southland Area. This means we have spoken face to face with 869 families with a child aged between 2 and 3 years about keeping their children safe on and near the road. 

In the same period we checked 1029 car seats as part of the Seen and Safe programme. Approximately 1/3 of all car seats checked had an error made with installation and or use which we were able to help out with.

Safe & Seen enables skilled Plunket staff to support families to

  • make informed decisions about the right car seat for their needs  
  • have a cycle helmet that is correctly fitted for the child and receive information about correct use of the helmet
  • have their children more visible when on/near the road by providing the child with a hi-vis vest

In addition, the conversations had with families when issuing the vest and helmet helps raise awareness of child safety on and near roads including car parks and driveways.

A big thank you to The Warehouse staff for all their work in keeping the momentum going throughout the Add a $ campaigns an supporting Plunket with this important initiative, keeping our children safe on and around our roads.



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