Tips for dealing with Daylight Savings

Keeping your children’s bedtimes during daylight savings can be difficult, children can often wake earlier and get to sleep later as their body’s and minds adjust. Here are some tips you might find useful when daylight savings approaches:

  • In the week or two leading up to daylight savings, try getting your child into bed a little earlier each night. For example, adjust their bedtime by 15 minutes earlier each night this will be less noticeable to the body.
  • Even if they don’t fall asleep until their regular bedtime they will be adjusting their body and mind into going to bed earlier.
  • If your child struggles to sleep while it's light try making their room darker.
  • It can take overly tired children even longer to fall asleep so avoid trying to ‘wear them out’ to get them to sleep.

Remember it might take a few nights for them to get used to the change – generally it takes a week for everyone to adjust.

For more tips head to Kids Spot NZ.

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