Titahi Bay volunteer wins Volunteer of the Year Award

Volunteer of the year​Haidee Hemsley recently won the Pam Murray Volunteer of the Year Award, which has been running since Pam Murray was the New Zealand President of Plunket (From 1999-2003).

Haidee has been volunteering for the Titahi Bay Committee for five years, and currently holds the role of President.

Moana Uerata-Jennings, Wellington Plunket’s Community Service Leader, said that Haidee has been integral to keeping the Committee together in a very diverse community.

“Haidee has a passion for connecting community, providing relevant services in her area and trying to ensure our clinical staff are supported,” she said.

“Haidee also put her hand up to be the volunteer voice on the steering committee for the Porirua Plunket Centre Project. When needed, Haidee willingly took on the role of Chairperson to see the project through to completion.”

For more details, please email Moana Uerata-Jennings​.

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