Volunteers are the heart of Plunket

Volunteer Awareness Week (16-22 June) is a chance to acknowledge and thank more than one million New Zealanders who give their time and skills to make a difference in their communities every year.

“Plunket was founded 106 years ago by people who wanted to help others in their communities”, says Plunket New Zealand President Tristine Clark.

“Today we have thousands of hard working, selfless people who give of their time, knowledge, skills and energy. Our Volunteers are fundamental to the success of Plunket.

“Plunket Volunteers work in partnership with Plunket staff and members of their local community to provide the services and support needed to help give every child in New Zealand the best start in life”.

Mrs Clark says that being a volunteer for Plunket means much more than you may think.

“Volunteers are an important link in our communities and have a vital role to help us deliver services and support to families.

“Our Volunteers support many services including parent support groups, playgroups, child safety programmes, Education in Schools, parenting education courses, toy libraries and much more. They also help raise funds for services in their community; and importantly can also hold governance roles that decide how Plunket serves their community and help direct the way Plunket develops as an organisation.

“Plunket Volunteers - whether they are running a playgroup in Wellington, fixing toys in Gisborne, teaching high school students in Invercargill or sitting on the Auckland Board - all give their time so that parents and families in their community have the support they need”.

If you are interested in getting involved in your local community, gaining new skills and helping Plunket get the best start for every child, contact your local Plunket office or visit www.plunket.org.nz

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For more information contact:
Nikki Prendergast | Media Manager
021 405 842 | nikki.prendergast@plunket.org.nz

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