Warm and safe sleeping this winter

A reminder with winter now here it is important to keep your baby warm and safe in their sleeping environment.  Here are some things to look out for this winter. 

Keeping baby’s room at a safe temperature:

  • Air the mattress at every opportunity when baby is out of bed.  Place the mattress on its edge, in the sun when possible, to prevent it becoming damp. 
  • Keep the room ventilated and if you use a heater keep the door open, not tight shut.
  • An electric heater with a thermostat is best, it helps regulate the temperature and prevent the room becoming too hot.  It is best placed away from the bassinet or cot, not close to it.  Fan heaters can overheat a room and gas heaters can give off fumes and are best avoided. 
  • Blankets that are cotton and/or woolen are best, natural fibres breathe and help prevent baby overheating.  Placing a wool or cotton blanket under the bottom sheet will help keep baby warm.  Polar fleece blankets are not made with natural fibres and baby can overheat, it is best to avoid using these in baby’s sleeping environment
  • By placing baby’s bassinet or cot away from windows you will help keep their temperature even.  The cot should also be away from curtain and blind cords, power points and heaters.

To know if baby is warm, not too hot or cold in bed:

  • Slip two fingers down the back of their neck, if they are warm that’s fine, even if their hands and feet feel cool.  Taking off some blankets if they feel too hot will help reduce their temperature.
  • Babies usually need one or more layer of bedding than an adult to keep warm.  

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