Message from Amanda Malu CEO

Hello everyone

I hope you, your family and friends are finding comfort in each others’ support following the recent earthquake and flooding in Wellington. Our thoughts are with those in communities that have been hit hard by these events.

The Wellington Support Office will reopen tomorrow. Engineers have advised that the building has not suffered any apparent reduction in structural capacity, and today the building has been signed off as fully operational by essential services contractors.

I’d like to commend staff and volunteers who, even when our office is closed, continue to be there for families. Thank you.

On Monday, the community organisation All Right NZ posted some excellent tips on how to help Canterbury children worried about the earthquakes on its Facebook page. They’re good tips to keep in mind with any natural disaster.

The Ministry of Health also has some very good information on being prepared in an emergency. For our Plunket families, the information on feeding your baby in an emergency is particularly useful.

For those of us around the country, this might also be a time to make sure we are prepared for a natural disaster. Plunket has put together tips on how families can prepare. Visit our website.

This week’s challenging events have reminded me of the resilience of Kiwis and of our willingness to help one another. It has been a tough time and for many, the following weeks and months will continue to be difficult. At Plunket, we will be looking at ways to provide support in communities that have been hard hit.

I encourage those parents who may need extra support through this time to contact your Plunket area office. Please ask what programmes and services are available, and how we can work with you to organise additional support.

As always, PlunketLine (0800 933 922) is free and available 24/7 for advice and information on parenting issues and your child’s health and wellbeing.

Stay safe and well.

Amanda Malu, Chief Executive

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