Positive NZQA review for Plunket

NZQA recently conducted a review of Plunket’s educational programmes, giving Plunket a ‘Highly Confident’ result for educational performance and capability in self-assessment. The report also indicated that Plunket has received positive feedback from students and volunteers.

The report covered the Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Health Care Specialty Nursing for registered nurses, and the Education in Schools programme which offers a range of childcare and awareness courses and skills.

National Education Manager, Merryl Ryan says, “this shows Plunket’s commitment in providing educational opportunities as a registered private training establishment to ensure clinical staff are confident and competent in working with families to improve health outcomes."

National Advisor, Sue Grant says “this report confirms that we are an excellent provider of Early Childhood education and that schools can be confident that they are receiving quality learning resources and excellent customer service and support.”

The Postgraduate Certificate is a year-long programme that provides both academic and clinical assessments for up to 150 nurses over two semesters for both Plunket and Maori/Iwi provider Registered nurses.

The Education in Schools programme, which has widespread community involvement, is currently generating over 7,000 enrolments annually with participation from 360 schools. Interest in the programme is growing with The Correspondence School and iwi providers wanting to take part.

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