Plunket in Touch December 2013

ADayWithDad180x250px.jpgWelcome to the December 2013 issue of Plunket in Touch

Plunket in Touch is Plunket’s e-newsletter to give you insight into some of our activities, results and successes and plans for connecting with New Zealand communities.

Plunket has been welcomed into the homes of New Zealand families for over 100 years - giving New Zealand parents the support they need to nurture healthy, happy kiwi babies.  Nine out of 10 New Zealanders are ‘Plunket babies’.

Plunket’s free home and clinic visits are government funded through the Well Child service. All the community services we provide are delivered by volunteers from funds raised in the community.

We provide services such as parent support groups, playgroups, car seat services, parenting education programmes and toy libraries to ensure that families and whānau have access to the support they need to do the best for their children.

Plunket’s vision is that to get the best start for every child we need to work together with our partners in government, business and the community.  We look forward to making our vision a reality.

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