PlunketPlus progress

PlunketPlus remains a key focus for us.

PlunketPlus will see us moving all our new client and health information from a paper based to an electronic client information system. Each Plunket client will have their own single Plunket electronic health record which will include all their connections with us across all Plunket clinical and community support services.

PlunketPlus will increase the level of support to our frontline clinical staff by allowing point-of-care access to information and the ability to update that information in real time while working with families/whanāu. This, in turn, will contribute to improving the health outcomes of New Zealand children and their families.

This is perhaps the single biggest project that we’ve ever undertaken.

In this past year PlunketPlus moved into its second year of system development. The PlunketPlus project is broken down into four stages - we are currently in stage one - which focuses on the development, testing and evaluation of the system to fulfil our requirements for the Well Child service and the development of the Plunket electronic health record.

We are now testing PlunketPlus live in the field with a small team of nurses and health workers in two Auckland communities. The purpose of this testing is to find out how PlunketPlus performs in a normal working environment, over several months.

Our primary focus during this stage has been to ensure the safety of our client information, the security of our system, and the development of a national training and education programme.

PlunketPlus is an exciting initiative that will transform the way we work with children and families/whānau in New Zealand.

Harnessing modern technology, PlunketPlus will enable us to deliver more efficient and effective services to our clients, respond more quickly to our most vulnerable children, and interact more closely with organisations in the health and social service community. PlunketPlus is an investment in the future of New Zealand children.

You can read more about our work on PlunketPlus in our 2013 Annual Report.


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