Plunket to launch innovative new information system

Last year Plunket announced plans to develop an innovative new information system to be called PlunketPlus.

A significant number of proposals were received and after a lengthy and robust tender process Auckland medical software company Intrahealth Systems was awarded the contract.

PlunketPlus will change the way Plunket nurses deliver key services in the community. Currently, patient records are paper based. The new system will provide greater support to staff like our our nurses, allowing them to capture and access information electronically in the field, freeing up their valuable time from administration and record taking and allowing them to focus even more on the children and families they are working with.

PlunketPlus will be very much a child and family centred solution. We are looking to improve child health outcomes through access to in-depth, accurate and timely information.

Intrahealth share similar values to Plunket and clearly understand the sector in which we operate and what will be required to make the system work effectively for Plunket and the families we work with.

The next 12 months will be spent on further analysis, design and development of the system with the first pilot expected about mid-2012.

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