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Plunket in Touch June 2012

Welcome to the June 2012 issue of Plunket in Touch.

Plunket in Touch is Plunket’s quarterly bulletin to give you insight into some of our activities, results and successes and plans for connecting with New Zealand communities.

Plunket provides support and advice to young families, facilitates parent to parent support services including Plunket Nurse visits, parenting education, car seat rentals and toy libraries to name a few. We also advocate for families to ensure that they have access to the support they need to do the best for their children.

Plunket’s vision is that to get the best start for every child we need to work together with our partners in government, business and the community. We look forward to making our vision a reality.

Jenny Prince , CEO
Tristine Clark, Plunket New Zealand President Plunket

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