Positive parenting with Auckland Pacific community

Plunket is working with a number of agencies across the Auckland region to support Positive Parenting initiatives for and with Pacific families.

Plunket, Waitakere Violence Free Network, West Fono Taulanga U, The Oranga Centre, Man Alive, and Thrive have been some of the groups working together since July last year to support better coordination and consistency of parenting messages.

“There are a number of agencies working with Pacific families across the greater Auckland area. It just seemed to make sense for all of us to come together and explore how we could support Pacific families and provide resources to the people working directly with them,” says Moka Tamapeau, Plunket’s Pacific Services Development Manager.

 “We all came to the agreement that the SKIP programme was a tried and tested resource that could be used as a basis for positive parenting”, she says.

Strategies with Kids – Information for Parents (SKIP) provides support, information and parenting strategies for parents and caregivers of 0–5 year olds – the aim being for all children in New Zealand to be raised in a positive way as part of a loving, nurturing relationship with their parents or caregivers.

The SKIP approach is based around six things children need to grow into happy, capable adults:
1. Love and warmth
2. Talking and listening
3. Guidance and understanding
4. Limits and boundaries
5. Consistency and consequences
6. A structured and secure world

Moka says the new resource uses these six principles alongside SKIP positive parenting resources.

“Our aim is to encourage support workers to use these principles in their work with Pacific families. Many already do, but this helps to provide a framework to guide their work”, she says.

“Each agency works with different groups so the six principles and other strategies used in training are part of a collection of tools. These are designed to be flexible so that the facilitators can pick and choose what is most relevant to them and tailor it to their specific needs.

“The resources are designed primarily for Pacific workers and those whose work is predominantly with Pacific families.

“It is hoped that once a sufficient number have been trained there will be a pool of experienced people who can be called upon. Our goal is to ensure better coordination of the many parenting initiatives out there for Pacific communities and for collaboration and support within the agencies delivering them”, Moka says.

The first group of facilitators were trained at a full-day workshop in late May and it was a great success. A calendar of similar trainings is being planned for the rest of the year.

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