New parenting programme for Hamilton Māori

Plunket and Māori child advocacy organisation Te Kahui Mana Ririki (TKMR) have partnered together to deliver a strengths based parenting programme to support whānau.

TKMR director Anton Blank says the programme, called Tikanga Whakatipu Ririki, was developed after consultation with more than 400 Māori providers and health and family workers in workshops held around the country.

“The result of workshops has been the development of material relevant to Māori parents and children that delivers practical techniques and strategies for raising children in a loving, violence-free home. It’s a unique model based on tikanga Māori, and informed by our research of traditional Māori parenting practices.”

The programme has since been tested in two focus groups and twenty two provider workshops and planning is now in place to pilot the programme with a range of providers, including Plunket.

Sonya Rimene, Plunket’s General Manager of Māori Health, says Plunket is excited to be involved in the project in Hamilton.

“We are partners with Te Kahui Mana Ririki in the ‘Every Child Counts’ coalition so we’re thrilled to be able to build on that relationship and be involved in piloting this programme in Hamilton.

“We all want to see all tamariki grow into happy and healthy adults and parents. Whānau will ultimately decide what is relevant and meaningful to them to build their own capacity and capability, Tikanga Whakatipu Ririki will be one of many seeds for them to grow”, she says.

Anton Blank says the programme is about supporting families to change behaviours through knowledge and understanding about their own culture and history.

“Parents need to have some expectations of themselves as parents and caregivers – and some ideas and vision for their children’s future. Questions such as what they want for their baby and what kind of adult they want them to be should be at the forefront of parents’ minds. The answers help give direction and commitment to child rearing and help them to recognise the qualities their child has.”

The programme is flexible to be adapted in a number of ways that will meet whānau needs.

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