Ethics committee

Plunket supports research as a key way of identifying where a new approach may be needed or a new service required. It regards evaluation of existing services as a key indicator of their value.

The Plunket Ethics Committee is made up of academics with an interest in ethical and legal issues, clinicians, a biostatistician, consumer representatives and Maori representatives.

Plunket welcomes the submission of research and evaluation proposals from internal and external sources.

Anyone wishing to conduct research involving Plunket-based populations, clients or staff must first seek, and be granted, permission form the Plunket Ethics Committee. The committee must approve all research and evaluation proposals which involve Plunket clients, staff or volunteers.

All proposals are reviewed to ensure that high ethical standards are maintained and that participants’ rights under the Health Information Privacy Code and the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights are protected. Only research that is in the best interest of children will be approved.

The Ethics Committee was initially established in the early 1990s and meets regularly to consider proposals submitted by internal and external researchers.

Submitting an application

If you wish to submit an application for a research proposal, please download and complete the application form:

Plunket Ethics Committee application form DOC 3 pages, 110KB

Plunket Ethics Committee application form PDF 3 pages, 350KB

Meeting dates for 2017 are:


Papers Due

03 March

24 February

21 April

7 April

26 May

12 May

30 June

16 June

25 August

11 August

29 September

15 September

10 November

27 October 

Email us
 ( or post to:

The Secretary

Ethics Committee

Royal New Zealand Plunket Society

PO Box 5474

Wellington 6145

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