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Amanda Malu

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Government decision to extend paid parental leave great step forward, but what about flexibility?

Now the Government has moved to give parents or caregivers up to 26 weeks paid parental leave by 2020, the debate has moved on – should both parents or caregivers be given the choice to take that leave at the same time?  What’s best for babies and whānau – what are parents telling us they need, and what does the evidence show?
First, let’s take a breath and recognise the extension of paid parental leave for the great leap forward it is – we’ve campaigned for this for several years, as have others (we’re looking at you, Sue Moroney). We’ve welcomed successive Governments’ incremental extensions to paid parental leave. We’ve done this because supporting parents and caregivers to spend time with their babies is exactly the good idea it seems – it’s recognized globally as providing significant benefits to tamariki, whānau and communities.

Tags: 0 comments Posted by Amanda Malu on 21 November 2017

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