From rock bottom to a rock for others

Jacqui Lockington got a rude shock when she became a first time mum. She had dreamed of her baby for years before he came along and it wasn’t at all what she expected.

The reality of parenting

Jacqui’s parenting dream rapidly became a nightmare as she and baby Jack struggled with breastfeeding. His cries of hunger seemed like they would never end. This combined with sleepless nights and physical pain and Jacqui soon became detached from little Jack and she began to think of him as “it”.

“I was a wreck, but so determined to be the perfect mother… my friends with babies were telling me what a breeze motherhood was. I felt completely exhausted, and utterly alone.”

That’s when she realized she had to talk to somebody and called PlunketLine.

How often did you call the PlunketLine?


I can’t describe the relief I felt after making that call


PlunketLine - Parenting advice, no judgment

Jacqui talks about how much better she felt after speaking with the PlunketLine nurse. “I can’t describe the relief I felt after making that call,” she says. “The nurse heard my story and swung into action – no problems and no recriminations… I can honestly say that my bonding with Jack started that day.”

Jacqui’s turnaround has been incredible – Plunket’s nurses worked with her to sort out her breastfeeding problems. Then they put her in touch with other mothers in her community and got her to attend a parenting course.

Now Jacqui has taken her experience and written a book on parenting with her friend Natalie. It’s called “If Only They’d Told Me” and she is so grateful of the life-changing support she got that they donate $5 from every book sold to Plunket.

It was making that first phone call that got Jacqui and Jack back on track.