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A friend told me to go to the Plunket Family Centre in Manurewa and I’m so glad I took their advice.

Being a parent is one of the best jobs in the world. But it can also be one of the hardest - especially in the early stages.

5 months of sleepless nights and a crying baby boy took its toll on Sophie and she started to get sick and depressed.

Sophie and her husband were beginning to despair when a friend suggested they should go to the Plunket centre for help.

“A friend told me to go to the Plunket Family Centre in Manurewa and I’m so glad I took their advice.” Sophie

Advice from nurses

On the very first day Sophie went to the centre she spent most of the day talking with our amazing nurses, who walked her step by step through managing her new routine with her baby and starting to enjoy her baby. “No question was too stupid; they were incredibly knowledgeable and at the same time tactful and gentle in giving me support.”

Advice from other parents

It’s not just professionals that help at The Plunket Family Centres. Sophie was able to speak with other parents and hear their problems too. Learning how they got through made a massive difference and showed her that other people have similar issues.

Sophie met two other mothers at the centre who were similarly at a loss with how to cope with their children. “I learnt from their issues and the advice they received, and really enjoyed their company.”

That’s why we’re asking you to share your parenting stories, let your experience help and inspire parents all over NZ.

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