Westmere Grey Lynn Plunket  runs a “first aid for littlies” course, aimed at parents/carers of under five’s and is very child-specific and hands-on.  Course covers:

  • CPR and choking prevention
  • various child-specific illnesses (including croup, febrile convulsions, and meningitis)
  • how to deal with other emergency situations (like burns, allergic reactions, poisonings and bangs on the head) 
  • common childhood illnesses (like fevers, coughs, colds and vomiting)
  • how to recognise when you need to take your baby or toddler to the doctor 
  • advice on safety around the home and car seats.

Courses are run three to five times a year at the Grey Lynn Community Centre.  If you would like to know about the next course email us at westmeregreylynnplunket@gmail.com

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