Crisis Calls Skyrocket

The stress is unbearable, but your support is incredible

As calls to PlunketLine continue to increase, thank you for supporting parents who feel isolated, disconnected and unable to cope.

By May this year, there had been more calls seeking help for parental mental health than in all of 2020 – when we’d already seen a 20% rise in mental crisis calls on the year before. Parents describe feeling overwhelmed. The extra pressures of Covid-19 on top of reduced family income or unemployment have made domestic stress even more unbearable for them.

CEO Amanda Malu has spoken in the media about this huge rise in PlunketLine calls, “This sad statistic highlights the acute need for additional support for parents’ mental health. Bringing a newborn into the world can be overwhelming. It’s a steep learning curve that brings huge responsibilities. Sleep deprivation, reduced income and, often, limited whānau support takes its toll on parental mental wellbeing.”

We are very grateful that supporters like you have been incredibly generous in responding to this mental health crisis. For instance, through the Share the Hugs campaign, our corporate partner Huggies is donating $20,000 to support parental mental health.

The long-standing partnership we have with Huggies is so important to us. So are you. Thanks to you, exhausted parents have access to vital services like PlunketLine 24/7. As many as 20% of Kiwi parents develop some form of mental health issue during pregnancy and after their baby is born. Thank you for giving them someone to call.

Where You Lead The Government Follows

Thank you for making room in your budget to support families. Now the Government’s Budget is following your example, with welcome increases for families – especially for lowest incomes.

CEO Amanda Malu said, “We are delighted there has finally been a move towards lifting our children out of poverty.” You know how poverty impacts our littlest Kiwis. Cold, unhealthy homes and unaffordable nutrition will seriously harm child development.

Living below the poverty line is also devastating for parents and caregivers, with PlunketLine mental health calls doubling this year. You already support parental mental health: another way the Government needs to follow your lead.

A Pacific Plunket Nurse Shares Your Passion

Rose To’a says her job is awesome and recently shared her story with the Pacific Media Network.

For three years she has been a Plunket nurse in South Auckland, based in Otara, where 90% of her clients have Pacific heritage. They are often surprised that their Plunket nurse is a Tongan mother of five. They have an instant connection – “You’re just like me!”

Rose was a registered nurse who always wanted to work in her community, so she dedicated an extra year to completing a postgraduate certificate in Primary Health Care Specialty Nursing, to become a Plunket nurse.

As you may know from your own experience, parenting is rich in culture and values. “In terms of our culture and what we believe in,” Rose says, “I understand a lot of the things that maybe others won’t get.” Pacific families make up 11% of the families served by Whānau Āwhina Plunket. Thank you for generously supporting our Pacific Health workers, who use Pasifika models of health.

This means so much to Rose and the families she works with. “My passion is in helping out our people and supporting them in their environment.” What Rose likes best about her job is true for many Plunket nurses: “Watching first-time parents gain confidence. You see that transition from the nervous mum that’s paranoid about everything, to becoming this confident mum, just enjoying her baby and enjoying being a mum.” Thank you for giving parents the chance to grow their confidence.

Pasifika Beatz – Your Top 100

1 playgroup, 10 languages, 100 songs

Kiwi children have been given a priceless gift: songs in Pacific languages for their rapidly developing young minds.

To celebrate 10 years of the Pasifika Beatz playgroup, we have recorded 100 fun and interactive songs in 10 Pacific languages: Māori, Rotuman, Samoan, Kiribati, Cook Islands Māori, Tongan, Tuvaluan, Fijian, Niuean and Tokelauan.

The nursery rhymes and traditional songs are performed by an APRA AMCOS-nominated duo Loopy Tunes: sisters Sia Williams-Lemi and Leah Williams-Partington. You can listen on YouTube, simply search for ‘Pasifika Beatz’ or find the playlist here. Nothing like this has ever been done and we are very proud of this. These songs will have a huge impact on child development and enrich families’ lives day to day.

Whānau Āwhina Plunket Foundation Lottery 2021

It’s back, it’s big and the tickets you buy will help create better tomorrows for today’s children. Find out more information and view the prize details here

Whānau Āwhina Plunket Foundation Lottery 2021