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Johnsonville Plunket Centre

Johnsonville Plunket Centre







Here's an overview of what we provide at the Johnsonville Plunket Centre.  Scroll down for a full description of each service.

  1. Plunket Clinic/Well Child Checks/Saturday Clinic: Open Mon - Sat Service: Phone 04 478 4900 press 2; Email: reception@johnsonvilleplunket.org.nz

  2. Family Centre: Open: Mon, Tue & Wed by appointment; Phone 04 478 7918; Email: reception@johnsonvilleplunket.org.nz

  3. Breastfeeding Clinic: Open: Wednesday 10-11.30am by appointment; Phone: 04 478 7918 or 04 478 4900;
    We require the public phone so we can have an indication of numbers. 
    Email: reception@johnsonvilleplunket.org.nz

  4. Nurturing Your Baby: Open Tues 10am-11.30am (bookings essential); Phone 04 460 4660 to secure your space; For information email: reception@johnsonvilleplunket.org.nz

  5. PIN Groups: Where you can discover great services and meet other parents. Our groups include: 1st Time Parents, 2nd Time Parents, Young Mums, and Chinese Families. Email: pin@johnsonvilleplunket.org.nz

  6. PEPE Courses: Free education sessions; Bookings required. Phone 04 460 4660.

  7. SKIP Courses: Free education sessions. Bookings Required. Phone: ring or text 021 237 8813.

  8. Wellington Parent Education Sessions: Free education sessions on Food and Nutrition (0-6 months), Parenting support (7-12 months); Podiatrist; CPR. Bookings required. Phone 04 460 4660.

  9. Room Bookings: Open: contact us for times of availability; Phone 04 478 4900 press 1;  roombookings@johnsonvilleplunket.org.nz.

Find out more about our Committee and Plunket Centre.


Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am-3.30pm - Drop in to feed your baby, change a nappy or find out about our latest courses and events. For Plunket Nurse appointments please call first.
Phone: 04 478 4900
Address: 19 Rotoiti Street, Johnsonville, Wellington
Email: reception@johnsonvilleplunket.org.nz


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  • Family centres
  • Parenting education
  • Plunket clinics
  • Breastfeeding Clinic
  • Committee
  • Volunteer
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