The statistics tell us approximately 15% of women in New Zealand will develop depression, anxiety or other mental health issues during and after pregnancy. But, we estimate almost a third of new mums need mental health support.

This is why your support is crucial – you help us to be allowed into the heart of people’s lives when they need support the most.

“If mum’s face is sad, depressed, overwhelmed most of the time, the baby will take that on because we are their world,” says Lucy,* a Whānau Āwhina Plunket mental health nurse.

“When babies make eye contact, it stimulates brain cells. If that’s not happening, it can cause problems that are lifelong.”

Today, be the lifeline. Please send a Christmas gift to help mothers, children and whānau receive the support they need to overcome mental health crisis.

$20 for more visits with Plunket.
So we can find mums who are really struggling.

$50 to help run a PIN community group.
Plunket in the Neighbourhood groups connect mums so they can open up about how they are feeling.

$100 to help link mums to mental health support services.
Whānau Āwhina Plunket plays an important role in referring mothers to specialist support services.

How you can donate

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*All names have been changed for privacy reasons.