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You can make a difference to the lives of Kiwi kids and their families, so we’d love your help as a Bright Beginner to give every baby the best possible start in life. Ma te mahi ngatahi, e puawai ai a tat ou tamariki. 

Monthly giving makes a difference:

  • Support services to be available for all who need them 
  • Help for families dealing with family violence, no child or parent should have to live in a domestic violence situation in New Zealand
  • Support for families living in isolation or poverty.

Joining Bright Beginnings is easy! 

Sign up today or contact us at 0800 205 555 or  email for more information.  

If you need to stop or change your gift amount at any time, please contacts us and we’ll help you out.

Hari's story

Parenting can be difficult, and for some people poverty and isolation prevents their kids from reaching their potential. For mum Hari, who had witnessed abuse and neglect in her childhood, anger and violence were just a normal part of life – until she gave birth to baby Max.  

Hari and Max joined a Plunket playgroup and received a free CD with positive parenting messages.  

“In my family, discipline was all about yelling and smacking. Listening to that CD changed my whole way of thinking. The songs put me on a positive path, but Plunket gave me the support and the tools to make the changes happen that ended that cycle of abuse,” she says. 

You can help change lives like Hari and Max’s as a Bright Beginner. Thank you for being there to support New Zealand families. We’re so grateful for your help.

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