Please note clinics are closed during over public holiday weekends and on public holidays.

Thank you for your patience in what has been an extraordinary time.

Please do not attend if you or your child:

  • have any cold or flu symptoms (new or worsening cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, sneezing and or runny nose, temporary loss of smell, altered sense of taste, or fever)
  • are waiting for a COVID-19 test result
  • are a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19
  • are self-isolating at home

To keep everyone safe, staff will ask you about the above before seeing you and your tamariki.

Staff will be wearing a mask and face shield. This is to keep everyone safe. We ask you to wear a mask too.

Our indoor face-to-face time is limited to keep everyone safe.

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Wellington Drop-In Timetable



Upper Hutt Plunket Clinic

33 Logan St, Upper Hutt

For children aged 9 months to 3 years

2022 schedule:

28 February, 9am-2pm
11 April, 9am-2pm
9 May, 9am-2pm
23 May, 9am-2pm
20 June, 9am-2pm

Fairfield Plunket Centre

53 Brassel St, Lower Hutt

For children aged 9 months to 3 years

1st Thursday of every month and 3rd Wednesday of every month (beginning 3 February 2022), 9am-2pm

Petone Plunket Clinic

12 Kirks Ave, Petone, Lower Hutt

For children aged 9 months to 3 years

2nd Wednesday of every month and 4th Friday of every month (beginning Friday, 25 February 2022)

9am to 2pm

Porirua East Plunket Clinic

31 Warspite Ave, Porirua

4th Wednesday of every month


Rongotai Family Centre/ Lyall Bay Plunket Clinic

61 Freyberg St, Lyall Bay

For children aged 15 months to 3 years

2022 schedule:

2 March, 9am-12pm

6 April, 9am-12pm

4 May, 9am-12pm

1 June, 9am-12pm

6 July, 9am-12pm

3 August, 9am-12pm

7 September, 9am-12pm

5 October, 9am-12pm

2 November, 9am-12pm

7 December, 9am-12pm

Karori Plunket Clinic

277 Karori Rd, Karori

For children aged 15 months to 3 years

2022 schedule:

22 March, 9am-12pm

26 April, 9am-12pm

24 May, 9am-12pm

28 June, 9am-12pm

26 July, 9am-12pm

Tawa Plunket Clinic

6 Linden Ave, Tawa

2022 schedule: 

12 April, 9am-11.30am
28 April, 9am-11.30am
10 May, 9am-11.30am
26 May, 9am-11.30am
7 June, 9am-11.30am
23 June, 9am-11.30am
5 July, 9am-11.30am
21 July, 9am-11.30am
2 August, 9am-11.30am
18 August, 9am-11.30am
30 August, 9am-11.30am
15 September, 9am-11.30am
27 September, 9am-11.30am
13 October, 9am-11.30am
25 October, 9am-11.30am
10 November, 9am-11.30am
22 November, 9am-11.30am
8 December, 9am-11.30am
20 December, 9am-11.30am

Johnsonville Plunket Clinic

19 Rotoiti Street, Johnsonville

For children aged 15 months to 3 years

2022 schedule: 

Wednesday schedule
6 April, 8.30-11.30am
4 May, 8.30-11.30am
1 June, 8.30-11.30am
6 July, 8.30-11.30am
3 August, 8.30-11.30am
7 September, 8.30-11.30am
19 October, 8.30-11.30am
2 November, 8.30-11.30am
30 November, 8.30-11.30am

Monday schedule
16 May, 8.30-11.30am
13 June, 8.30-11.30am
15 August, 8.30-11.30am
19 September, 8.30-11.30am
14 November, 8.30-11.30am