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Education in schools

Education in Schools (EIS) is a Plunket service providing opportunities for school students to learn basic parenting skills and knowledge as part of their health curriculum.

What we offer

Plunket is accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) to provide a range of early childhood, Health Curriculum based units which can be delivered in schools by a trained Plunket Educators or by the school's teacher.

  • Our core programme is comprised of 11 unit standard based units and a non assessed Babysitting Certificate Course.
    These units are delivered to Years 9 to 13 students and are currently provided in more than 300 secondary schools to about 6000 students nationally.
  • ‘Cool 2 B U!’ is a values, Health Curriculum based six module course designed for intermediate school students.
    This new resource is being used by a number of schools as part of their peer mentoring programme where senior students work with junior students to promote positive relationships.

How it works

Plunket is a registered Private Training Establishment approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority to provide Early Childhood units in secondary schools.

Volunteer parents and their pre-school children are a unique part of in-class learning. Parents share their many valuable skills and provide authentic interaction with the students.

What’s required?

The Education in Schools team positively promotes Plunket within the community through:

  • passion for and commitment to parenting education
  • commitment to providing positive parenting messages
  • effective communication, organization and administration skills
  • providing a positive and safe learning environment
  • demonstrating respect for and sensitivity to cultural diversity.

Background and experience might include:

  • teaching / facilitation experience and/or qualifications
  • experience in teaching secondary students (16–18 years)
  • sound understanding of early childhood development and practice
  • experience / practice in early childhood settings.

Getting involved

If you are interested in bringing EIS to a school in your community, check out Education In Schools and volunteering for Plunket.


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