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Parenting education

Plunket's range of parenting education support programmes and services help parents build positive relationships with their children.

Understanding how they can support their children’s development, parents learn to help them reach their full potential and to build parent-to-parent support in strong support communities.

Parenting education programme PEPE

Parenting Education Programmes (PEPE and PEPE Plus) are delivered in small group discussions by trained facilitators and educators, many of whom are Plunket Karitane and Kaiāwhina. Programmes are provided by both paid and voluntary staff, with some facilitators employed specifically to deliver courses.

Parents as First Teachers (PAFT)

With a focus on children’s early learning and development, our Parents as First Teachers (PAFT) educators all have early childhood education qualifications or similar. Working as members of the wider Plunket teams they visit families in their homes supporting parents as the first teachers of their children.

SKIP partnership with Ministry of Social Development

This partnership aims to change New Zealand society’s view of children and parenting to one based on positive relationships. Plunket has SKIP Champions throughout the country promoting positive parenting in both Plunket and the wider community.

Support groups, playgroups & toy libraries

Plunket has over 300 support groups, 120 play groups and 20 toy libraries nationally. They provide the opportunity to reduce parent isolation and build parent-to-parent support. They are facilitated by group leaders – usually parents themselves, some of whom are paid and some are volunteers. Plunket also employs part-time Community Support Coordinators who organise and coordinate groups in their communities.

Licenced Early Childhood Education Centres

Plunket has seven licenced early childhood centres and one licenced home based care service. They are staffed by qualified early childhood teachers.

Education In Schools

Parenting education for ‘latent’ parents replaces the romantic images of parenthood with a more realistic understanding of the responsibilities and challenges entailed. The emphasis of our Education in Schools units is on the practical application of the skills and knowledge required to provide for young children’s basic needs.

Community Development team

With our Community Development team, National Office supports Plunket staff and volunteers to provide community services in their local areas by:

  • Providing advice and support to staff nationwide
  • Overseeing curriculum development of all parenting education programmes
  • Designing and delivering professional development for those delivering community services
  • Developing and distributing resources supporting community services and programmes
  • Evaluating and overseeing quality assurance
  • Planning and supporting staff nationwide to implement innovative community development projects


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