Plunket was founded over 100 years ago by people who wanted to help others in their communities. Today, we have thousands of Kiwis who give of their time, knowledge, skills and energy.

We believe that by working together with members of our local communities we can provide Plunket services, support and the education needed to enable the best start in life for every child.

Plunket Volunteers are an important link in our communities and have a vital role in helping us deliver services and support to families. Without our Volunteers, we would not be able to deliver the number of services we do throughout New Zealand.

If you want to help make a difference by donating your time for a cause you believe in, Plunket is a great place to start. We're always looking for new volunteers. Find out how rewarding giving your time and efforts can be and become a volunteer.

Volunteer your time

When you give the gift of your time, you'll get back as much as you give — maybe even more.

Each year thousands of volunteers give their time, knowledge and skills to support the work of Plunket and help us to achieve our vision of giving every child the best start in life. The time, talent, and effort that volunteers give means we can continue to provide our support and services to families with young children throughout New Zealand.

Volunteer your skills

Volunteers from all walks of life, with their many valuable skills, are an important part of Plunket. Whether you want to improve your CV, meet new people or just do something good for your community, Plunket may have an opportunity that could suit your skills, interests and availability.

There are many opportunities at Plunket for volunteers to develop existing or new skills.

Find out how rewarding becoming a volunteer can be.

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