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Current advocacy activities

Children's health and housing

Young children in the zero to five year age-group are particularly vulnerable to poor health outcomes connected to sub-standard housing.  This is for reasons directly connected to their age and stage of development.  Read Plunket’s submission on the Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill (No.2) to find out more.

Obesity and nutrition

Plunket provides guidance on healthy food choices.  We advocate for effective policy measures to reduce childhood obesity, including protecting children from the marketing of unhealthy food, implementation of easy-to-understand food labeling, tax interventions and supporting pregnant women to make healthy lifestyle changes.  Read Plunket’s submission to the Advertising Standards Authority on the Children’s Code for Advertising Food.  


Plunket advocates for a smoke-free Aotearoa New Zealand by 2025.   Based on the Australian experience, prohibiting branding logos and eye-catching imagery makes tobacco less appealing as a consumer item and lowers its commodity status.   Plain packaging constitutes the next step in Plunket’s daily work to assist families to become smoke-free. Find out more

Swimming pool fencing

The Bill to repeal the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987 and rely solely on the Building Act 2004 and performance-based standards in the Building Code is now before a Parliamentary committee.

​If the Building (Pools) Amendment Bill 2015 passes through the Local Government and Environment Committee of Parliament without substantial amendment, the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987 will be repealed (no longer exist). The new law will be very different, as there won't be a prescribed safety standard, but instead much more general performance-based standards. Read more about Plunket's national submission on the Building (Pools) Amendment Bill. Find out more

Tick4Kids petition 

Tick4Kids partners have joined with ActionStation to launch a petition that will run right through to the 2017 general election. 

Plunket has worked for over a century to enable every child to get a good start in life.  The evidence shows clearly what all families need to grow great Kiwi kids.  As an organisation supporting the Tick4Kids movement, Plunket is proud to share this petition. Find out more

 Click here to sign the petition.

Paid parental leave

Increased paid parental leave is one of Plunket's advocacy priorities. This is reflected in our conference remits. Plunket also belongs to 26 for Babies coalition, which advocates for longer paid parental leave.

There are many reasons to support 26 weeks’ paid parental leave: increased breastfeeding opportunities and enhanced parent/baby bonding and attachment; reduced financial stress and promotion of strong neighbourhoods. Improving child and family health outcomes make good economic sense. Find out more

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