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Working relationships

A number of agencies and community groups in New Zealand share similar views and goals as Plunket. It is useful to combine our effort towards a shared outcome. These partnerships may be short term until a particular goal is achieved, such as the Yes Vote coalition. Others with long term goals are more enduring.

On a national level is Every Child Counts of which Plunket is a founding member. Established in 2004 the Every Child Counts coalition continues with momentum and membership growing.

Every Child Counts promotes the concept that consideration for children's needs to be at the centre of government policy and planning if New Zealand is to have an economically and socially sustainable future. In 2007, Plunket’s membership passed a remit to actively support Every Child Count's efforts to see child impact assessment established as a means of achieving the coalition’s wider goal.

Other examples of ongoing partnerships in which Plunket is an active member:


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