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Conference remits

Remits passed by members of Plunket at our conferences are driven by our commitment to promote what's best for children’s health and development within their family and community groups.
A successful remit operates as the mandate for focused advocacy on significant issues likely to succeed in promoting young children's health and that of their families. A glance at a century of Plunket remits reflects the health and social issues of the times and the changing priorities of Plunket’s membership.

Plunket is currently advocating for:

  • reduced numbers of children living in poverty (working with our coalition partners)

  • increased paid parental leave

  • safer child road travel (by the increased use of vehicle restraints)

  • improved child drowning statistics (by strengthening the laws applying to fencing of swimming pools)

  • increased protection from tobacco smoke

  • reduced harm from alcohol in local communities

  • reduced family violence

  • increased breastfeeding

Plunket's advocacy efforts are evidence-based, drawing on our research capacity.


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