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Plunket Early Childhood units are based in the New Zealand Health and Physical Education Curriculum and are part of the Early Childhood domain.

Achievement Objectives

Achievement objectives from the Health and Physical Education curriculum include:

  • 8 objectives

Personal Health & Physical Development

  • Assess their health needs and identify strategies to ensure personal well-being across their lifespan
  • Plan, implement and evaluate a physical activity programme and examine factors used to justify physical activity as a means of enhancing wellbeing
  • Critically evaluate societal attitudes, values, and expectations that affect people’s awareness of their personal identity and sense of self-worth in a range of life situations

Relationships with other people

  • Analyse the nature and benefits of meaningful interpersonal relationships
  • Analyse the beliefs, attitudes and practices that reinforce stereotypes and role expectations, identifying ways in which these shape people’s choices at individual, group and societal levels
  • Evaluate information, make informed decisions, and use interpersonal skills effectively to manage conflict, competition, and change in relationships

Healthy Communities & Environments

  • Analyse ways in which events and social organisations promote healthy communities and evaluate the effects they have
  • Analyse ways in which the environment and the well-being of a community are affected by population pressure and technological pressures 
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