Caring for kids

Caring for Kids
  • Non assessed CFK cover page
  • Edition 2 
  • Possible 5 sessions of one hour duration

Caring for Kids is designed for students at Years 10 and 11 and aims to develop positive attitudes and behaviours in how we care for children and ourselves by developing competencies that enhance relationships and promote personal, interpersonal, and societal well-being.

 Topics include:

  • Ages and stages, nurturing 
  • Responsible parenting, foetal alcohol syndrome, exposure to smoke, drugs and the growing baby
  • Nurturing, Brainwave, Shaken Baby syndrome
  • Safe house, sleep, SUDI, sleep safety
  • Keeping clean, bath time, teeth, clothing, feeding
Plunket Led - delivered by a Plunket Educator in your school
  • Price: $495 (+gst)
  • Plunket Educator delivers the unit over five (1 hour) sessions or selected sessions as agreed
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