Course enrolment form (Chinese)

You can enrol in the Parent Through Separation course using the form below and the Coordinator will confirm by return e-mail.

Date of course

 Saturday 31 August 10am - 3pm


Sandringham-Kingsland Plunket, 427 Sandringham Road, Sandringham, Auckland 

Your details

Separating partner's information 前配偶的資料

(We need this information to ensure you and your separating partner are NOT booked on the same course). (我們需要這信息,以確保您跟前配偶的講座不是在同一日的)

Children's details

The information you provide in this form is being collected by the Royal NZ Plunket Trust to enable you to participate in a free Parenting Through Separation Programme. The information you have provided may be used by the Ministry of Justice for the purpose of determining your completion of the course, tracking the progress of your family dispute, providing and/or managing the out of court family justice services they may provide or fund, validating accuracy of information provided or for determining whether your family dispute can proceed to court. Under the Privacy Act 1993 you have the right to have access to all information held about yourself, and to request correction of that information. To request access to, or correction of, any of your personal information collected for the above purposes, please contact: Privacy Officer, Ministry of Justice, SX 10088, WELLINGTON. Phone: 04 918 8800 Email:
你在本表格提供的資料將被RoyalNZPlunketSociety收集,使您能夠參與免費的分居及離異家庭親子教育講座。您所提供的資料可由司法部和或 Royal NZ Plunket Society收集使用, 使用的目的為: 確定您出席並完成此講座, 跟進你家庭糾紛的進展,提供和/或管理在法院外的家庭司法服務 (他們可能會提供服務或資助),準確驗證你的資料並確定您的家庭糾紛可否進入法庭。根據隱私法1993年,你有權拿取自己的個人資料, 並可要求更正。若要跟上述有關目的而去要求拿取或更正個人資料的話, 請聯繫:Privacy Officer, Ministry of Justice, SX 10088, WELLINGTON. 電話: 04 918 8800 電郵:

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