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*Please note, if you do not give permission for your details and participation in this course to be entered into the Government's recording system (Resolution Management System), you will not be able to receive a certificate to prove to the courts that you have completed the course.

**The information you provide in this form is being collected by the Royal NZ Plunket Trust to enable you to participate in a free Parenting Through Separation Programme. The information you have provided may be used by the Ministry of Justice for the purpose of determining your completion of the course, tracking the progress of your family dispute, providing and/or managing the out of court family justice services they may provide or fund, validating accuracy of information provided or for determining whether your family dispute can proceed to court. Under the Privacy Act 1993 you have the right to have access to all information held about yourself, and to request correction of that information. To request access to, or correction of, any of your personal information collected for the above purposes, please contact: Privacy Officer, Ministry of Justice, SX 10088, WELLINGTON. Phone: 04 918 8800 Email:

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