23. Cooking

Children's Activities - CookingCooking time is a great time to bond with your child. They will feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. They can feel a sense of pride and achievement with what they are creating.

Involving your children with meal preparation and setting the table helps nurture a sense of belonging, trust and responsiblity . Children can help with grating, measuring and mixing. They can count out forks and spoons and help set the table. Children are also more likely to eat what they have helped to prepare!

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As with our baking post, children are learning maths and science concepts such as measurements, dissolve, mix . They are developing social skills and contributing to the family culture. Healthy eating and food preparation e.g. Mum always washes her hands before she prepares food. Small muscle development and hand-eye co-ordination.  Language, science and maths.

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