Connecting & communicating

1 2ConnectingCommunicating3Communicating with your toddler in a loving and encouraging way will help they way they develop. Your toddler is constantly watching you, so you also need to think about how you’re behaving in front of them.

How you should communicate with your toddler

Provide love, praise, kisses and cuddles. Show them you love them and be realistic about your toddler’s level of development. It makes toddlers feel secure and confident.

Here are important things toddlers need to connect with you:


It makes children feel happy and important when they know you love them and enjoy their company. They learn from being with you. Spending time with your toddler might be a matter of letting them join in activities with you, or doing things especially for them.

Children need time to learn about things. They also take time to do things, and get frustrated and distracted easily. This is normal. It can help to encourage them for trying, and avoid rushing them.


Telling your child when you’re pleased with them, and what you’re pleased about, will make them happy and confident. For example, “Wow, I’m really pleased with how you shared your favourite toy with your brother. That was very kind of you.” Or, “Thanks for bringing me your cup. You’re being really helpful.”

Talking, listening and reading

Talk with your toddler as much as you can, and listen to what they tell you. Your toddler will be learning new words, and needs you to listen to what they’re saying. It helps them learn about ideas.

Talking to your toddler about how their behaviour affects others helps them learn to get on with others. Be clear about what you would and wouldn’t like them to do.

Reading gives children some quiet, calm, special time with you, and helps them learn.

Good attention

Children respond to attention and will seek it out, whether it’s positive attention like praise or negative attention, like telling off. You can help your toddler by not giving much attention to things you don’t like and giving lots of attention to things you do like.


You can do this by giving your toddler a quiet cuddle, holding them and talking to them in an understanding way.

While communicating with your toddler, you also need to think about how you’re feeling. Read more about how you can keep calm and how routines may help.

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