Scope: This statement applies to all personal and health information collected by Plunket.

Plunket is committed to protecting your privacy and respecting your authority over any information we hold about you. This privacy notice tells you what information we collect and why, what we do with it, and your rights to view, correct or change it. For more information about Plunket’s policies, see our website terms and conditions.

Personal and health information - how and why we collect it

Plunket is a health agency and we may collect information from you or your child in person, online, by post, by phone, or from other sources including when you:

  • enrol your child or children for our service. Read our Plunket Privacy Statement for clients here.
  • use Plunket services, for example attending a parent education group
  • call PlunketLine
  • make a financial donation
  • register to be a volunteer
  • apply for a job with Plunket
  • are part of the Plunket workforce
  • participate in research. In most Plunket research, participants are non-identifiable. We would use identifiable information only if you consent to its use. You also have the option to withdraw from any Plunket research project.

Uses and disclosure

We collect information for specific purposes, such as:

  • providing a well child health service
  • volunteer recruitment
  • fulfilling contractual or legal obligations which bind us eg, to statutory agencies such as the Ministry of Health
  • making and maintaining contact with you
  • creating a financial donor database
  • assessing your suitability for employment
  • maintaining and administering your terms and conditions of employment
  • maintaining quality systems.

We will only use the information we collect about you for the purpose(s) it was collected. There are limitations on how we will share your information.

What we do with personal information

If you have general enquiries about our privacy policy, email our privacy officer.

Your rights and choices

We may use the information you provide for any purpose for which you have given permission, including:

  • sharing with relevant Plunket staff, or other agencies and organisations
  • supplying any other services you have requested
  • offering the most relevant information for you and your interests
  • undertaking direct mailings or market research
  • processing any transactions that you might make on our site.

To view your/your child’s information, or if you have any concerns about – or want to correct - information that we hold, contact your area office.

Detailed privacy policy

You can find our detailed privacy policy here. This covers topics including:

  • credit card security
  • identifiers
  • cookies
  • security
  • PlunketLine
  • direct donation mailings
  • if our privacy notice changes
  • legislation that applies to Plunket’s Client Privacy Policy
  • definitions used
  • how to make a privacy complaint if you feel your privacy has been breached.
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