Why we need information about you

We do this primarily to manage our relationship with you. This relationship might be as a client, visitor, volunteer, donor, or employee.

To provide the best service we can, we collect personal and often health related information about you, other caregivers and your child. 

How much information you share with Plunket is up to you. However not sharing some details may mean it is difficult for Plunket to provide its services to you.

Read more about information collected and how it may be used.

Information from other agencies

Plunket sometimes gets additional information about you or your child’s health from other agencies involved in the care of you or your children. We receive this when it is necessary to try and provide a better service or for you or your child, especially regarding physical health, mental health or safety.

Phone calls, messaging and chatbot technology

When you contact Plunket or Plunket contacts you, we may monitor or record communications for quality assurance purposes. These recordings are stored securely, and after a retention period destroyed securely.

Your privacy when you visit us, use our website or technology

Some information will be gathered electronically while accessing this website, or any other Plunket related website, page or portal.

If you use Plunket provided technology, or visit a Plunket site, technology may capture additional information which might identify or record information about you.

Read more about your privacy when you use our website or interact with Plunket technology.

Other privacy notices

On occasions, such as research, trial programs or services we deliver on behalf of other organisations, we may supplement this privacy notice with other specific privacy notices. Those specific privacy notices apply in addition to this privacy notice.

Storage of information

We store all our data (including your personal information) on a combination of private Plunket-owned secure servers and secure cloud platforms. We protect our data with reasonable and appropriate technical and process controls.

How to access or correct your information

At any time, you have the right to ask to see, correct or provide additional feedback on any information Plunket holds about you and your tamariki. All you need to do is ask us and we will provide you with assistance.

Ask your local Plunket representative, nurse, or at your local Plunket office. Alternatively, you can make a request by emailing privacy@plunket.org.nz.

Please note that Plunket will need to positively identify who you are before any information can be released. Information on children under 16 years of age can only be released to parents or guardians of that child.

We'll respond to your request as soon as reasonably practicable and no later than 20 working days after we receive it.

Privacy questions and complaints

Privacy questions and complaints can be made to the privacy officer at privacy@plunket.org.nz  or can be made to the Privacy commissioner at Privacy.govt.nz.