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We often have vital large-scale projects underway, such as the 2023 build of the Rotorua Plunket Hub, set to open in February 2024. This new Hub will give parents and their tamariki a safe, warm and welcoming space in which to connect with one another, to learn, play and grow, while also seeing their expert Plunket nurses, kaiāwhina and karitāne (trained health workers).

But we can’t create these spaces or provide our crucial services without the support of our incredible donors.

Thanks to a number of generous philanthropists, such as the Masfen Foundation, we have been able to complete the Rotorua Plunket Hub on time, kickstarting a new era of wraparound support for tamariki and whānau in the region.

Generous donors can have a positive impact like this across Aotearoa New Zealand today, and for the future, by investing in our strategic projects. For example, philanthropists have helped us transform our services to be more equitable, upgrade our IT systems, improve our staff training and resources for whānau. 

We can help you find a project that you are passionate about, where you can have the most impact for children under five and their whānau. 

If you would like some more information, please contact our Philanthropy Manager: 

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A really simple way to support Plunket is while grocery shopping, gift buying, or running an errand. Keep an eye out for the Pick Me Help Plunket logo on certain products, thanks to our generous partners. Sales of these products help our services for children in the early years continue 

Keep an eye out for this Pick Me Help Plunket logo in stores!

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To learn more about the household brands who have generously partnered with us in the Pick Me Help Plunket programme, click below. 

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Raise a Bundle

Just like no two Plunket babies are the same, we know that no two fundraising ideas are the same. That’s why we’re asking you to think of ways you can raise funds for Plunket.  For more information please visit our official fundraising website.