Preventing hearing loss

Hearing loss is difficult to spot with young babies, and it is often irreversible. It’s good to take some measures now to prevent your baby from suffering from hearing loss or hearing problems.

To protect your baby from noise-induced hearing loss

  • Avoid unnecessary loud sound exposures by walking away to a location further away

  • Turn the source down (music or television) to a safer listening level.

  • Limit listening time or provide frequent listening breaks.

  • Avoid taking young children to loud public events when you can.

  • If this is not possible, sit away from the speakers at a show or event.

  • Use properly fitted hearing protection (ear muffs or earplugs) suggested for children.

Very young children may be unable to verbally express loudness discomfort, and they may respond by covering their ears or crying. You can establish safe-listening behaviours and habits at a young age that will help your child hear for a lifetime.

For more information on protecting your baby or child from hearing loss, please visit

If you suspect your child may have hearing problems, please speak to your Plunket Nurse or call PlunketLine on 0800 933 922.

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