Plunket Foundation

The Plunket Foundation is an independent philanthropic trust established by Plunket to build a sustainable endowment fund focused on supporting the work of Plunket to ensure every child in New Zealand has the opportunity to have the best start in life.

Funded through the Truby King Bequest Society and a dedicated Major Gifts Programme the Plunket Foundation is focused on funding projects that improve and support the wellbeing of our youngest citizens and improve the delivery of services needed to support them. 

It is the Foundation’s role to make sure the funds entrusted to them make the most impact in the lives of families in New Zealand.


To invest in building a better future for New Zealand by supporting Plunket to improve the health and wellbeing of kiwi kids


  • To help New Zealand raise healthy happy children who thrive
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of New Zealand families and help communities care for their children
  • Build a world class endowment fund to enable good investment in the health and wellbeing of New Zealand children
  • Build strong relationships with philanthropic New Zealanders to help them be part of supporting kiwi families

What impact does the Foundation make?

The Plunket Foundation is charged with maintaining and growing the endowment fund to help support major projects that will improve the health outcomes of New Zealand children and their families. Without the ongoing support of the Plunket Foundation, Plunket would not be able to undertake these big projects.

The Plunket Foundation looks for four key things when funding a project:

  • Impact on the wellbeing of the lives of under fives
  • How it will improve services to families
  • How great is the need
  • Sustainability of the project

How you can be part of it too?

You too can make a difference to the lives and wellbeing of the young children and their families in New Zealand.  You can help ensure every child lives the Kiwi dream of a healthy and happy start to life.

The Truby King Bequest Society is the group of individuals who have decided to give to Plunket through their will.  This fund is managed by the Plunket Foundation and invested into projects approved through the Foundations selection process.

The Plunket Major Gifts Programme manages the relationship of those donating significant funds to Plunket.   These relationships can focus on a particular area of Plunket services or a specific project.   

If you are interested in the work of the Plunket Foundation or the projects it has helped fund please contact us on 

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