BabySmiling.jpgBy helping Plunket, you're helping thousands of New Zealand families.  Read some of our stories to see where your contribution has made a huge difference.

Hana and Rachel's Story

Working together a courageous mum and nurse found a way out of family violence. Read more

Sarah's Story

Sarah* is one of many women who experience postnatal depression after the birth of a baby. 

“I could tell that something was not quite right, that my feelings should be different when I held my new-born baby. Read more

Vicki's Story

Vicki’s life changed more than she could have imagined when she took on full-time care of her grandson Cruz.

As a parent with adult children, Vicki was enjoying working and having time for herself. Yet here she was about to give all of that up and take on the huge responsibility of a new baby, was she crazy? Read more

Isla's Story

Isla was a perfectly healthy, feeding, sleeping, eating baby. That all changed on a Saturday night when Isla was just two weeks old.

Her father Mark noticed something was off, “She didn’t want to be touched, held or cuddled. Very grizzly. She wouldn’t feed.”

Not feeding. That was a warning sign Mark’s Plunket nurse had told him about. Without that clear advice, Isla might not be alive today. Read more

Tepa's Story

Tepa is a young father who lives in Wainuiomata, in the Wellington region. He didn’t have an ideal upbringing as a child and now he worries about his parenting, and about his own children having a positive upbringing. He knows how important and influential his parenting skills are for their development, and for their futures.

If only parenting was as simple as reading a book... Read more

Melissa's Story

They say being a mum is the most natural thing in the world. But no one tells you about the roller coaster of emotions that occur when you have a baby and how sometimes it can so easily overwhelm you.  Read more.

Hari's Story

Having been a witness to abuse and neglect in her childhood, Hari believed that anger and violence were just a normal part of life. However, that view changed when she gave birth to her adorable baby Max.  Read more.

Rachel's Story

For Rachel Mellor, the birth of her baby will always be remembered with a tinge of sadness. About five months into her pregnancy she learned that her father, already seriously ill, had just weeks to live. Sadly, he died without having the chance to meet his new grandchild.  Read more.

Hannah's Story

Hannah Cook has been a PlunketLine nurse for the past five years. Previously a Plunket nurse working with families in the community, she was looking for a new challenge…  Read more.

Angela’s story

For first-time mother Angela, parenthood came as a shock.  She gave birth to baby Samantha 10 weeks early – too soon for Angela to have gone to more than one antenatal class, or for her to have met many other mothers-to-be.  Read more.

David's Story

Father’s Day is a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate the many ways that fathers contribute to their children’s early development. We know it’s not always easy. Many dads find it hard to balance their work and family commitments, while others need wise advice and a helping hand to care for and nurture the young ones in their lives.  Read more.

Sophie's Story

“Amazing, invaluable, priceless”.  These are the words that Sophie uses to describe her experience at our Manurewa family centre.  Read more.

Maria's Story

Love, laughter and happiness - these are essential ingredients for everyone’s wellbeing, but particularly for children in the first 1000 days of their lives. This is when they develop the intellectual, physical and emotional characteristics that define who they are and shape who they’ll become – and it’s when they most need nourishment, a safe, secure and healthy environment, and loving families who encourage them to learn and grow.  Read more.

Kathryn’s Story

Kathryn is one mum who’s immensely relieved that she took advantage of a Plunket helping hand last year. That’s because she learned that her little girl had a medical condition that, left untreated, would have had potentially serious and lifelong effects. Read more.

Nicola's Story

Having support how and when you need it can make all the difference to getting through and beyond it. Young mum Nicola, recently diagnosed with breast cancer shared her Plunket story of what that meant to her. Read more.

Gavin's Story

For Gavin and Amy, the desire to contribute and be part of a connected and supportive community was a real focus when they moved to their new home. Read more.

PEPE Story

In Plunket rooms around the nation, parents are getting information, support and opportunities to mingle and share their stories through our parenting education programme (PEPE). We popped in to a Wellington session to find out exactly what goes on. Read more.

Jacqui's Story

Jacqui was over the moon about the arrival of her gorgeous baby boy, but within days her dream had become a nightmare. Read more.

Emma's Story

As a new parent, Emma found it tough to manage the barrage of opinions that came flying at her from all directions, which had her questioning whether she was doing the right thing. Read more.

Serica's Story

Serica can’t imagine what her life would be like without Plunket’s help. As a mother of two wee boys she’s had first-hand experience of the miracles possible through her relationship with Plunket. Read more.

Anne's Story

On International Nurses day (12 May 2015) – Plunket wants to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our frontline nurses. Read about Anne who was part of Plunket's nursing team for 34 years. Read more.

Tiny Jandal's Story

For young mum Dawn, isolation, financial uncertainty and lack of support is a daily reality. Having recently moved to Mangere, she feels trapped and alone. Luckily for Dawn, passionate volunteer Rubi-Lin developed a playgroup programme called Tiny Jandals specifically for her community in Māngere, South Auckland. Read more. 

Harvey's Story

For first-time mum Zoe, watching her new baby boy Harvey go 'completely floppy' was a terrifying experience. Harvey was only five weeks old when he had his life-saving encounter with Plunket. Fortunately PlunketLine Nurse Sarah was there for Zoe when she and Harvey truly needed it. Read more. 

 Fern's Story

After moving cities and with a brand new baby, Fern didn’t know where she could take her daughter during the day, and she didn’t have any friends or family in her new neighbourhood. Fern found a hero and a friend at Flaxmere Plunket, her name is Sarah. Read more. 

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