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Angela’s story: Finding help just around the cornerMothers Day Story

For first-time mother Angela, parenthood came as a shock.

She gave birth to baby Samantha 10 weeks early – too soon for Angela to have gone to more than one antenatal class, or for her to have met many other mothers-to-be.

Samantha spent almost three months in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit. For Angela it was a physically and emotionally exhausting experience, and she was overjoyed when it was time to take her beautiful daughter home.

But even then life wasn’t easy. Without a social support network in place Angela was spending much of her days alone – and feeling increasingly isolated and unsure.

Fortunately help was just around the corner. Angela heard about a Plunket mothers’ group in her neighbourhood, hosted by Plunket Kaiawhina, Maree.

The group of about a dozen mothers meets every week in a small lounge area at a local church. There’s plenty of room for the babies to roam safely, while the mothers enjoy a friendly catch-up over morning tea. It’s a great opportunity to chat about motherhood and their babies’ development, and to get expert advice and information from Maree.

Today, Angela and Samantha are a regular feature at the mothers’ group. Angela’s enjoying the contact with mothers in similar situations to her own, and Samantha – now eight months old – is happily socialising with the other babies. Angela’s getting support, advice and great company as well – and she loves it.

We couldn’t do this without the help of our donors. Please help support Plunket. There are so many families out there who need and deserve the care and support that Plunket provides.

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