Emma's Story

Emma's story

As a new parent I found it tough to manage the barrage of opinions that came flying at me from all directions, which had me questioning whether I was doing the right thing.

Fortunately though, my Plunket nurse continually affirmed what I was doing and how Harrison was developing. She was my place of sanctuary in a storm!

Kate’s support gave me the confidence to say to family and friends (and complete strangers) that yes, it was normal for Harrison to be this size, to be eating this or that, to not be interested in toys and to be still exclusively breastfed at six months. At 14 months Harrison had no teeth and lots of people were commenting on it – in generally well meaning ways. Kate assured me that in her 18 years of paediatric nursing there had been many late teethers and not to worry, and that enabled me to tell people that everything was OK. Sure enough, there’s a tooth coming through now!

It’s been invaluable to have a medical professional, working under the name of a household brand like Plunket, backing up my decisions; Kate definitely carries more weight than any online blog. I’ve never felt judged, her advice is always given in such a gentle way, and she’s pointed me to other Plunket services too. I’ve used PlunketLine many times before going to a doctor, and when I’ve been out and about and needing to breastfeed I’ve used the Plunket rooms as a quiet and safe space to get half-naked!

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