Harvey's Story

Baby Harvey after recovering and in the hospital.Harvey’s incredible encounter with Plunket began when he was just five-weeks-old.

“Harvey did this massive vomit,” his first time mum Zoe told us. “Then he recovered and was all smiles again. But something just didn’t seem right, so I called PlunketLine.”

From right across the room and down the phone line, PlunketLine nurse, Sarah, could hear something in Harvey’s breathing. He sounded normal to Zoe, but Sarah heard something very frightening. Just a quiet rasp, which could be a sign Harvey was moments from disaster.

Careful not to frighten Harvey’s mum, Sarah stayed very calm. “She just said ‘I’m going to put you through to the ambulance service.”Moments later, Harvey passed out.

“He went completely floppy. It was horrible. I tried moving him up and down. I was yelling at him! There was no response. It was terrifying. I completely panicked.”

Harvey’s reflux medication had irritated his throat and the excess mucous was causing serious respiratory complications. The next two weeks in hospital were very rough for Harvey, but if Zoe hadn’t been able to call Plunket, Harvey could have died. “I am so grateful,” she says.

New Zealanders trust Plunket to provide expertise and support for families with babies and young children. But the fact is, all of Plunket’s parent services, community work and programmes wouldn’t exist without donations to fund them. Often, the critical time in a child’s life is after that emergency is over.

Please consider giving a donation to Plunket. Your support makes a tangible difference – every single day – and ultimately helps to create a world where our children can feel safe and secure, and grow up as healthy, loved and loving citizens.

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