Serica's Story

Serica's story

“There’s no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one.” – Jill Churchill

Serica can’t imagine what her life would be like without Plunket’s help. As a mother of two wee boys she’s had first-hand experience of the miracles possible through her relationship with Plunket.

“I was really struggling with breastfeeding my first baby – and after seven weeks of enduring rather than enjoying the experience, I still hadn’t figured out where I was going wrong,” she says.

“I had quite a lot of trouble establishing breastfeeding with my first son and although it was much improved by the time he was 7 weeks old (after much blood, sweat and tears - mainly on my part!) I still had some soreness during feeding”.

“Then I met Joan, a lactation consultant at my local Plunket family centre, and practically overnight all my problems disappeared!”

Joan is a former midwife who joined Plunket 11 years ago. She quickly spotted that baby Leo needed help with latching on and gave Serica some handy tips to resolve the problem. After that, says Serica, her breastfeeding experience – and more importantly her bonding with her baby boy – was easy, enjoyable and trouble-free.

“I discovered that it’s not always easy being a first time parent, and that sometimes you need a helping hand,” says Serica. “I’m so grateful to Plunket; it’s wonderful to have experts out there caring for us.”

Relationships like these are the secret to successful parenting experiences for mothers nationwide – and your donations have a vital role in making them happen. What’s more, your support is more important now than it’s ever been before.

“A lot of first-time mothers today have never held or cared for a baby before,” says Joan, “and many don’t have family close by to provide support. This can leave them feeling alone and overwhelmed, and desperately in need of help.”

Thanks to you, Kiwi mums can get that help easily – and it’s free.

“Plunket family centres make a huge difference to their and their babies’ lives,” says Joan. “It’s very satisfying to see them acquire new abilities and leave our family centre relaxed and confident.”

In support of all the mothers in our lives, please consider giving a donation to Plunket. Your support makes a tangible difference – every single day – and ultimately helps to create a world where our children can feel safe and secure, and grow up as healthy, loved and loving citizens.

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