Volunteer development

There are many different volunteer roles within Plunket, and we can help you achieve success both personally and as a volunteer within these roles.

Your Community Services Team can tell you about Plunket, its policies and objectives, how to run appeals, or even how to familiarise yourself with Māori protocols .

Plunket recognises the contribution of its volunteers and provides help and guidance for you when you need it.

Plunket has built and sustained a highly skilled and proactive volunteer base. Volunteers can be involved in providing community support and/or services, or as governors in their role as members of Area Boards.

Plunket’s volunteer development objectives are to:

  • equip volunteers with the skills and knowledge that will aid them in their work with Plunket

  • recognise and acknowledge the input of volunteers by providing them with personal development opportunities

  • encourage efficient use of volunteer resources

  • promote Plunket’s direction, purpose and initiatives

  • enable volunteers to develop skills that are transferable to roles outside of Plunket

  • enable volunteers to learn more about Plunket, its people and its work with families

  • ensure volunteer health and safety and the quality of Plunket services delivered are safeguarded

  • attract enthusiastic volunteers.

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