Volunteer stories

Volunteers are the heart of Plunket. Many of the services Plunket offers - such as parenting education, toy libraries, parent support groups, playgroups, child safety programmes and helping raise funds to assist with the running of the family centres - simply wouldn’t be possible without the time, talent, and effort of our volunteers.

With our volunteers working together with staff we can help to give every child in New Zealand the best start in life. The following are some stories about our wonderful volunteers.

Hannah's story

Hannah's volunteering journey started in 2015 because she saw Plunket as a great organisation doing wonderful things for children. Since then Hannah has learnt a range of new skills and have been involved in many different events and activities. Read more

Rory's story

Rory is a South Canterbury farmer who is always the first to help out. In 2014, when the Plunket Family Centre in Timaru asked if he would be interested in fundraising Rory said yes with no hesitation. Read more

Luke's story

Luke and Peter volunteer as part of Plunket’s Education in Schools programme. Luke takes Peter along Dilworth School for students to get a first-hand experience of caring for babies and young children as part of Plunket’s ‘Caring for Kids’ Life Skills course, designed to introduce the students to the basic needs of young children. Read more.

Anna's story

Anna understands first hand what a world without Plunket is like and that's what inspires her to give back to Plunket through volunteering. Read more.

Rubi's story

Rubi’s volunteer story started when she was invited to attend a Plunket conference in 2014. Read more.

Naenae Knitters story

Team Naenae are a dedicated group of knitters who have been hand crafting warm woollies for our lucky Plunket kiddies for over three years. Read more.

Bev's story

We asked Levin-based Bev why she chose to join in and support Plunket. Read more.

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