Anna's story

About Anna - a Plunket volunteer.

Pictured right with her now grown baby.

Anna O’Meeghan understands first hand what a world without Plunket is like and that's what inspires her to give back to Plunket through volunteering.

When Anna had her first child, her family moved to Australia where the support for new parents and babies was much different.

“I felt like I had no idea what to do with my baby and there was no manual or specialised service to help”.

When Anna’s baby was 9 months old she visited a Nurses clinic in Australia. “He was waking every 1.5 hours, I told the nurse this and she jotted it down then proceeded to book my next appointment. I left thinking that was normal.”

Returning to New Zealand was a real eye-opener for Anna. “I came back to find out what Plunket was offering and I couldn’t believe it.”

Anna began volunteering for Plunket eight years ago. She started by running the local PIN group after being inspired by the volunteer before her and the learning the value of the PIN groups by attending these herself. “The PIN groups provide so much potential in terms of friendship and networking with other parents.”

Anna didn’t stop with PIN groups, in fact she’s taken on many roles during her time as a volunteer for Plunket from arranging working bees and under fives expos, to hosting meals for volunteers in her own home and delivering meals to new mums. The list is endless.

It’s Anna’s passion for Plunket and belief in the importance and value of the organisation that keeps her volunteering even 8 years on, with no children of Plunket age anymore.

She says, “Plunket has so much to offer families in New Zealand and I wholeheartedly support that. Plunket is there for everyone and it doesn’t matter what your background is, anyone can access Plunket services for free. That’s pretty incredible.”

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