Hannah's Story

hannah“I volunteer for Plunket because it’s a great organization doing wonderful things for children. I also saw it as an opportunity to refresh my admin skills and also learn some new skills.

What I enjoy most about my volunteer role at Plunket is the people I work alongside. It is a great group of people that work in the Lorne Street office.”

Hannah joined Plunket as a volunteer in early 2015 initially supporting administration and reception duties in the Dunedin Car Seat service.  She now also spends time supporting the Area Office and Community Services team based at Lorne Street in Dunedin.   

Hannah volunteered for Plunket as a way to increase her knowledge and skill base while continuing to search for paid employment.

Not only does Hannah do these administration roles 1-3 days a week; she is the first person to offer her time and services to assist at special events and activities that Plunket runs or is involved in.

In the past year she has assisted at Pedal for Plunket fundraising, the What a Women Wants Show, The Warehouse - Seen and Safe fundraising BBQs and BIG Little Day Out. She also gave a number of hours collecting for our last two annual appeals. She undertakes all these tasks cheerfully and diligently.

Hannah is always willing to assist Plunket, often at short notice, and promotes Plunket activities and services through her personal, professional and social networks. We are very grateful to Hannah for the time and commitment she gives to Plunket.

Not only has Plunket gained much from having Hannah volunteering and supporting our teams but we have watched Hannah blossom in confidence with a willingness to give any task a go.

Thank you Hannah for making the time to help give Kiwi kids the best start in life - this week and every week.

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