Volunteering - a Mum's Perspective

Bevs Children 1

National Volunteer Week (21-27 June) was our special time to recognise and thank the many Plunket parents who’ve become volunteers. We asked Levin-based Bev Yewen why she chose to join us…

“I became a Plunket volunteer because I wanted to support Plunket just as they have supported me. My kids were Plunket babies and I was one too.

Plunket helped me with home visits when my children were babies, provided health checks in the clinic when they were older, updated me on their growth and development, and let me know about support groups, playgroups and other facilities in my community. They made sure that my children were happy and healthy, and if a referral for a service was needed the nurse got on to it straight away.

Plunket also enabled me to meet other parents, make new friends, and helped my children to learn to play with others in a safe and positive environment. And now, thanks to their encouragement, I’m a playgroup coordinator.

Plunket has a lot to offer. It provides a very good service for families, and my thanks go to all the Plunket nurses for the help and support they have given me. Thank you too to all those who support Plunket by making donations so all the services were available to mums like me.”

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