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Our sponsors & business partners

Plunket’s sponsors come from industries of all shapes and sizes, and we are grateful to each one for their unique contributions. All of our partners are vital to building on our services and programmes delivered as Plunket is invited into the homes of over 90% of New Zealand families with children under five.

If you are interested in finding out more about developing a relationship with Plunket please email our team.

  • bnz logo positive NEW


    Principal Sponsor

    Bank of New Zealand is proud to work hand in hand with Plunket to bring young New Zealand families support when they need it most.

    With over 180 stores, passionate staff and supportive customers, BNZ will be utilising its extensive network to reach out to the community to raise awareness for Plunket.

    BNZ is proud to have been a part of New Zealand since 1861 and looks forward to supporting another organisation that has been integral to our country's upbringing.

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  • Red Bean Logo


    Star Sponsor

    HUGGIES® is a Star Sponsor of Plunket, with a proud involvement for over 20 years. We have similar goals, that is to provide the very best care for baby.

    The HUGGIES® Brand was launched in New Zealand in 1992 with a focus on taking care of “change time” from newborn right through to toilet training. Products include top quality disposable nappies (which are clinically proven to help prevent nappy rash), baby wipes, change mats and HUGGIES® PULL UPS® toilet training pants.

    There are about 165 babies born every day in New Zealand of which Plunket see around 92%. We’re very fortunate to have Plunket, there is no other support service like it anywhere else in the world. For more than a century Plunket, as New Zealand’s largest provider of services to support the health and development of children under five, is dedicated to working with parents and communities to ensure children in New Zealand get the best start in life. That is the reason why HUGGIES® has donated over $6.5 million to help support mums and their babies at such a crucial stage of life. Plunket’s services support families nationwide, through more than 420 branches, mobile clinics and a free 24 hour phone service, PlunketLine – 0800 933 922.

    For both HUGGIES® and Plunket, birth is just the beginning of our support for the precious under-five journey. We are proudly behind our newest New Zealanders.

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  • BestStart logo


    Star Sponsor

    BestStart is New Zealand’s a leading provider of quality childcare, early childhood education, baby care, pre-school, Montessori and kindergarten services with over 250 centres nationwide.  It operates under a range of brands from Kaitaia to Invercargill, including Edukids, Topkids, First Steps, Early Years, Kids to Five, Kiwicare, Community Kindy, Montesorri and ABC.

    As a Star Sponsor, BestStart has committed assistance that will go directly to help develop PlunketPlus, Plunket’s electronic health system.

    Together with Plunket, BestStart will explore a range of initiatives and services that contribute to the welfare and wellbeing of parents, caregivers and their babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

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  • Watties For Baby CMYK


    Star Sponsor

    2015 sees Wattie’s and Plunket celebrate 25 years of sponsorship. Wattie’s work closely with Plunket on infant food nutrition. Wattie’s baby foods are approved by the Independent Nutrition Advisory Group - an independent group that includes some of New Zealand’s foremost experts in child health and nutrition. Every Wattie’s baby food product sold results in Wattie’s making a financial contribution to Plunket.

    Wattie’s is a joint sponsor of the Eyebright Awards which are a tribute to Plunket Nurses, Plunket Kaiawhina, Community Karitane and volunteers. The Eyebright Awards recognise innovation and achievement Plunket teams bring to New Zealand communities.

    Wattie's launched two prestigious scholarships in 2007. Each year two people from Plunket receive the opportunity for further study and research to benefit New Zealand’s children and communities.

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  • Microsoft2


    Corporate Partner

    Microsoft has generously donated a large quantity of product and service, plus promote Plunket via its retail products with ‘Pick Me Help Plunket’.

    Microsoft has also been very generous with staff volunteering and support, and also provides to Plunket a charity discount on products.

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  • Colgate Logo with r symbol


    National Supporter

    Colgate became a National Supporter for Plunket in early 2007 with the joint ‘Families Combat Cavities’ promotion. This initiative was, and continues to be, supported by the New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA).

    Colgate has provided more than 200,000 toothbrushes and pastes to New Zealand children. Thanks to Colgate every Plunket baby gets their first toothbrush and toothpaste at the five to seven month visit along with educational resources for parents and nurses on how to brush and care for teeth in a bid to combat early childhood caries, also known as tooth decay or cavities. The educational resources provide families and nurses with useful oral health tips and explain how decay progresses, and how to spot signs of decay in the mouth, on teeth and around the gum line.

    Early childhood caries are one of the most common and costly diseases of childhood[1]. Additionally, a risk factor and indicator for dental caries is socioeconomic deprivation. Colgate and Plunket are addressing this by providing additional resources in areas of need.

    Plunket is very grateful to have such support. Colgate together with the NZDA is helping to keep Kiwi kids healthy, happy and smiling.

    Look out for the Colgate & Plunket Oral Health Month in association with the NZDA held every February.



    [1] Report of the Health Committee to the NZ House of Representatives, Fiftieth Parliament, November 2013: Inquiry into improving health outcomes and preventing child abuse, with a focus on pre-conception until three years of age, pp.100-102.

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  • public trust logo

    Public Trust

    Public Trust sponsors Plunket. They became a 'Pick Me Help Plunket' partner in October 2014.

    Its a long-term relationship borne from the common purpose of helping to protect New Zealand families.

    Public Trust and Plunket are both trusted brands and household names within New Zealand.

    Both have been around for more than a century. Public Trust was founded in 1873, which makes Plunket the comparative newcomer, having been started in 1907.

    Both have been carefully built on similar values, including trust, integrity, honesty and expertise, and both have a clear focus on the future.

    As part of Public Trusts sponsorship package, they have a special offer just for Plunket clients: a $50 discount when you write or update your Will.

    You can find out more on the Plunket Families Wills Offer page.

    You can learn more about the sponsorship by reading the media release.

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  • Muffin Break logo

    Muffin Break

    We’re really pleased to welcome Muffin Break as our newest sponsor! Muffin Break is a keen supporter of local communities and Kiwi families which makes them a perfect partner for Plunket.

    With almost 40 stores nationwide, Muffin Break provides families with a place to enjoy an award winning coffee and a freshly baked muffin for the break they deserve.

    Muffin Break are supporting Plunket in a number of ways and will have a donation box on front counters to help raise much needed funds for Plunket. The money from the donations boxes will be help support local community groups.

    Further details of this great partnership can be found in the media release. Join Muffin Break on Facebook.

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  • ACC Logo trico CMYK


    National Partner

    ACC provides comprehensive, no-fault personal injury cover for all New Zealand residents and visitors to New Zealand. Reducing the incidence and severity of injuries is an important goal for ACC.

    To help achieve this objective, ACC and Plunket have partnered to help parents and whanau reduce the incidence and severity of injuries in children under five years of age. With the home being where most injuries to young children occur, this five year partnership will provide the opportunity to increase our focus in injury prevention education to families, and to further develop injury prevention capacity within Plunket's clinical and community services.

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  • The hits logo

    The Hits

    The Hits (The Radio Network) is a key Plunket media partner, providing nationwide advertising support around the promotion of health and safety messages and vital fundraising initiatives.

    The Radio Network (TRN) provides substantial support for Plunket’s 18 areas through their local stations, developing and building on strong community relationships. TRN shares Plunket’s vision for the health and well-being of the communities we live in.

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  • Trade Me logo small

    Trade Me

    Plunket and Trade Me launched their relationship in 2008 with a pilot that saw Trade Me sellers opt to round up their seller’s fee and donate the difference to Plunket.

    Following the successful pilot, the arrangement with Trade Me has been expanded and extended into an ongoing sponsorship.

    As well as the donation stream from people selling items online, goods in kind are provided in the form of online advertising and support for ongoing celebrity and charity auctions.

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  • png logo black 4c large high res


    LeasePlan offer Plunket fabulous cars, at discounted rates, to move our staff around the country.

    The LeasePlan staff also have a major fundraiser for Plunket each year.

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  • Designertech2


    Business partner

    Designertech is an IT company that provides solutions for solving business and technology issues.

    Designertech is proud to be supporting Plunket and the wider community through the Pick Me Help Plunket programme.

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  • Community Post logo

    New Zealand Post

    Business Partner

    Community Post is New Zealand Post’s main sponsorship support for the not-for-profit sector. Over the past 15 years it has provided millions of pre-paid envelopes to thousands of not-for-profit groups nationwide, including Plunket.

    When considering applications priority is given to organisations whose activities support one of New Zealand Post’s core sponsorship areas: literacy and education; health and wellness; and business productivity.

    This ongoing support from NZ Post makes an enormous difference to Plunket branches around the country who use the envelopes for fundraising, communication and other projects and activities that benefit the communities they serve.

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